Remote Access - Can I upload content online to rapid weaver 8

If I upgrade to Rapid Weaver 8 and Im away from my desktop can I go online and remotely add new content to my website?

Short answer: No.

Longer answer: there are a variety of products you can buy which will allow you to remotely add new content. It depends on whether it is a blog-structure or regular page structure. Some products handle both. This includes Armadillo by @nimblehost, Total CMS by @joeworkman , and a number of other options. The cost would be somewhere between $40 to $100.

If you provide more details of your setup, stacks used, etc. then others can give you more pinpointed recommendations.

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Basically I when I’m working away from my desktop computer I want to be able to upload page content to my Rapid weaver site, like on my home page or gallery page when I’m out about and working

Have a look at EasyCMS from Joe Workman. It’s a one-off purchase and depending on exactly the kind of content you want to be able to update, is outstanding value, IMHO.

Ok thanks I try it out

Hey Welcome @Bobbuilder

You might want to take a look at EasyDB, as well, as it’s a complete CMS for remote editing as well. Have fun.


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