Remove missing plugin

Every time I open my website, this warning text will appear. I can click past and open the page for editing, but want to remove this old plugin. Where can it be found?

You need to go to the page that uses the WeaverPix plug in and delete it. If you want to delete plug ins from RapidWeaver you can do that thru plugins at the top right of the page.

Sorry, I expressed myself vaguely. I mean, I can not find the page that uses Weaver Pix. Is there any method to search for it?

Do you really have that many pages? Just go through them one by one. WeaverPix was really used for image-heavy pages so you can probably greatly eliminate possible locations if you know which pages are “image heavy”.

Yes, there are many pages (main and subpages) and I have went through them all, but can not find any page that uses WeaverPix. Is there any other more rational method to track WeaverPix images

WeaverPix is a plugin. I never had it but if you have your preferences set not to “Use Generic Page Icons”, if you know what the old icon looked like it should show up in the page list:


Icons for various page types:


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Many thanks. It worked!

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