Only possible to unpin text boxes from partials?

Is it possible to unpin image boxes from partials, or is it just text?
If not possible, how do I put different images on different pages using partials?

You can unpin 3 types of things:

  • any sort of text (Styled Text, HTML, or Markdown)
  • any image
  • or any container (a place that says Drop Stacks here – like a column stack)

What you cannot unpin: settings – stuff that is modified in the Stacks righthand sidebar.

Only text and column stacks can be unpinned in a partial.
Put a 1 column stack where you want the image and unpin it, then you can drag an image stack(s) into the unpinned areas in your partials.

Thanks Paul, good suggestion to make it work. I was very confused by isaiah’s reply which suggested that images could be unpinned!

Since I wrote Stacks, I’m going to have to trump @PaulRussam on this one. :stuck_out_tongue:

And to clarify, I’ve made a video. Let me know if I can answer any other questions:



Isaiah, thanks for that. I should have mentioned that I was talking about Foundation in Stacks.
Unfortunately, images are not unpinnable using Foundation as far as I can see.
If you repeat your example above, you’ll see what I mean.

indeed. the foundation image stack is substantially more complex than the plain vanilla variety. it can house a number of images that get displayed responsively to changes in screen size. it’s not so much an image stack as it is a stack that contains a bunch of images.

for complex stacks like that, it’s best to do as @PaulRussam suggested: use a container, like a one-column stack and unpin that. then you can put anything you like into the container.

so maybe @PaulRussam had the best answer after all. :stuck_out_tongue:


Be still my beating heart :blush: