Using Site NavBar with Banner and Replaceable Banner Image

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to construct my website to have a banner image on every page using the same Nav Bar throughout my website.

From the tutorial for RW, I found where you “Pair with Parent Banner” for the NavBar.

However, I need my Banner Image to be different for each page and the NavBar to be the same throughout my site. the Banner and Nav Bar are in a partial.

My Stacks are as follows: (indentation denotes what stack incorporates what lower stacks)

Partial - Container
Partial - NavBar

Does anyone know how to have the banner image be different for each page but the NavBar be “Paired to Parent Banner” and the NavBar be the same NavBar throughout a website?

thx so much

Here’s what my “stacks” look like in Edit mode:


Go into the Partial with the Banner and the NavBar. In the top-right corner of the image stack for the banner, click on the “pin” icon to “unpin” that content.

When content is “unpinned”, you are able to add content to that area when you are not inside the partial (editing the partial). That means that every instance of the partial can have different content in the unpinned areas. In this case, you can then drop a different image in the image stack on each page.

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HI Don,
well, I’m not using an “image stack.” It’s the Banner’s Image and it’s Background Image Type is “Cover”

There is no image stack and hence no “pin” to unpin. Here’s what I see

Ah, setup that way I can’t think of a way to do what you want. Perhaps @Elixir will have some suggestions.

You would set the containing stack there as the unpinned version and then add a new Banner for each page. You can’t unpin the background image in that way for the Banner itself though.

Ok, I think I got it… I can add the banner on a per page basis and then add the NavBar as a Partial so that the NavBar would be kept consistent throughout the website and the “banner” can change per webpage.

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