Removing tags in blog

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I am using Voyager Pro and RapidWeaver 7. Here I have a blog with historical documents. In the tags I register every person found in the actual document. In some documents this is very many.

A blog entry consist of the full document and a short version. Under the short version of the document all tags from the actual documents are listed. The result is that you can not see the next short entry.

I want to make these invisible or remove them. I want to keep them in the sidebar, but not under the short version of the blog entry.

Bjørn Arve


To “remove”, add in Rapidweaver > Inspector > HTML (Code) > CSS:

.blog-entry-tags {
display: none;

Or to hide (keeps the reserved space), use:

.blog-entry-tags {
visibility: hidden;

(Bjørn Arve Iversen) #3

Hi Ikemitsu
I have forgot to tell that your solution worked perfect for me. Very rude of me, but better late than never I hope. Thanks a lot.

Bjørn Arve