Reorder videos in video wall vimeo stack

hi, I;m using @joeworkman vimeo wall with the vimeo stack and would like to rearrange the order in which they appear in the slider to set up a sequenced mini course of 6 videos. Problem is that they appear starting with the most recent which happens to be the last of the series. Does anyone know how to reorder the videos using a group or channelso that the mos recent uploads appear last.


Create an album in Vimeo. Order the videos as you like in the album. Then use the User Album choice for Vimeo Query in the Vimeo Feed child stack.


Thanks for the response Mathew. I really appreciate it. I haven’t been able to get the new order of videos in the album to appear in the slider. I tried making a new album and republishing. The order is still the most recent upload to the least recent. As a test I tried the vimeo album playlist embed code in an ordinary html stack and that did reflect the reordered list.

Have I missed something?

I released an update today that allows you to sort by title. Does that help?

David: I’m not positive but it does sound like you are missing something. See the screenshot below.

There are 3 key steps. Add the Vimeo Feed child stack. Then in the Stacks sidebar make sure you have chosen User Album, and finally put in the album number which you’d get from Vimeo.

It’s also possible that the change has already taken hold, but you need to refresh your browser cache in order to see the change.

Thanks Mathew. Your prompting made me look a bit deeper an I found the problem!! There is a step 4.

David: Nice catch!

@joeworkman: Should Video Wall really be working this way? If I create an Album in Vimeo then that album is already organized the way I want it. I put the Sort option to “None” and all comes out as done in the Album settings at Vimeo.

… I guess what I’m saying is it would seem the default for albums should be “None” as they’ve already been ordered as I (or another user) wants them. It seems we go through an extra hoop to make sure the Sort option (which is not part of the Child Stack) is set to None. I don’t have any recommendation on how to code things differently. Just as a user it seems a bit unintuitive. Of course, now that I realize what’s happening I can account for this behavior in the future.

Because you can integrate multiple feeds into a single wall, there needs to be an option to sort all videos as a whole. I chose to sort by date purely because it seemed the most logical thing to me at the time.

Got it. Thanks Joe. :+1:t3:

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