Replace page feature in RW8

(Ian Sinclair) #1

It did not take me long to miss the “Replace Page” feature in RW8. It was a very useful tool in RW7. Today I was duplicating a site in order to create a members zone as a separate project from the root directory. I was expecting to be able to quickly and easily replace all the pages with offsite pages in order to preserve the menu structure. I was quite disappointed to discover that the replace page option no longer exists.
I would have done it quickly tonight in a few minutes. But now I will have to book extra time to do it on another day. (Duplicate pages - copy and double check page info - exchange navigation settings - publish - double check links - exchange page names - delete original pages - republish - double check links and menus…)

(NeilUK) #2

I miss that feature too. It would be great to see it in RW8 again.

(Ian Sinclair) #3

Yep. I just missed it again. I switched from on kind of page to another, and couldn’t simply replace the page. Why was that feature deprecated? It was frequently useful.

(system) #4

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