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I’m new to Rapidweaver on my iMac coming from iWeb on my old MacPro 1,1. I haven’t updated my website in ages however I did recently in Rapidweaver using Stacks. I’m playing with different themes and considering using the Future Theme to update my website www.mckittrickdesign.com.

I can easily change the large banner image but would like to replace the secondary one. The one with the desktop iMac (as shown below). Is there a way to replace it with an image from my Mac?

Thanks, Mike

Hi Mike,

I haven’t looked at the Future theme in a while but loading it just now to create a new project I don’t see a secondary image present in the theme. Or is this some kind of project file that you’ve downloaded with some content already added?

Hi Rob,
Here attached is the Rapidweaver splash screen that shows up when loaded. On the right near the bottom is the Future theme.

The first page, Home, is where the large banner image is at the top and the secondary image is below that after a few lines of text.
Thanks, Mike

It’s because you’ve loaded an Example of the theme which already contains content - this case an image from Unsplash. Instead of loading an example, from the same screen, choose Create a new Rapidweaver project and then add a new page and select the Future theme. Then you’ll start with a blank website.

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That was easy. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. As I said initially, I’m new to Rapidweaver. I will give it a go and may have more questions as I progress…so stay tuned!
Thanks, Mike

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