Republishing all the pictures for a simple text change

I just made some changes in my website and I noticed that if I rewrite only a text line in a Weaverpix page “content”, Rapidweaver republish also all the pictures in that page.
I have many pictures, so changing only four texts (as in this page ) publish again… 555 files.
Around 30 minutes!

Is there a way to change only the text and not all the pictures?

I also tried to add an ALT tag to the logo in the General Settings.
Rapidweaver wanted to republish ALL the site. I immediately undo.

No there’s no way to publish “part of a page”. If the pictures were stored and managed separately (warehoused) than they would not need to be republished for a change to text on the page.

As for the logo since it appears on every page a change would require all pages to be republished to apply the change.

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I just made this way:
I searched in the site folder for the text “Modellazione e render 3d di progetti di sale mostra” appearing in this page:

The text is in page index.html in 3D folder. I opened it with TextWrangler, and found the code inside the page at position 258.
Then I copied the same code + modified text in another index.html file in the same 258 position.
No picture republishing.

Then I wanted to change the logo, simply a different shade of grey (60% instead of 50%) and no file name change. If I put the new logo in the General settings, ALL the site needs to be republished. All the thousands of pictures and pages and code. Nearly two hours, as the last time I republished all.
I can understand republish the code pages, but why also all the jpg pictures?

So I simply copied the modified logo in the rw_common > images folder.
Two seconds instead of two hours.

Yes you can modify HTML files and resources directly on the server, but now you’re RW project file don’t match what’s on your server.

The other concern about doing it that way, it’s easy to make a mistake, and no easy way to go back.

Right now your RW project file still would show that all files need to be republished.

Now my project matches what’s on my server, because I made the same changes in the project (text and logo), and then I set “Mark all pages and resources as unchanged”.

The thing I hate is the republishing of ALL the pictures, a totally useless republishing.

Long term with that many pictures you would be best to look at warehousing.

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Yes, warehousing will be the next update.
Now I am using WeaverPix, but I purchased Photo stack by Nick Cates.
Thank you for the ebook link.

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