RW 8.3 page modifications do not publish

After years of publishing with RW, recently, my page modifications do not appear on my website. Everything works fine, page changes are saved, the publishing process works, I can see the new files with FileZilla, but the pages remain unchanged. Any advice to solve this problem ?

Do you have a URL to the exact page which does not change the content?

I usually find that when this happens it’s something as simple as having to clear the cache of the web browser I’m using. Or get a friend who hasn’t visited the site to take a look. Or give us a URL and tell us what to look for.

Thanks for replying. I did of course empty caches and so on. Here are the three pages that do not want to change :

In the two photo pages, I can’t change photos and on the contact page I can’t change the background picture. Both things I have often done in the past.

Here’s what I see on the first page (page2)

And here are the changes that RW safely publishes (no error message) but that are not visible (two pictures have been changed).

Did you try to republish all files?

Yes, I tried several times to republish all files with different settings ! I also erased the website on the server and republished it all, nothing helped !

What are you using to display the photos?

Another thing to check is that photo file names don’t include spaces or ‘funny’ characters. That caught me out recently and I’m an old hand at this. :sunglasses:


Same problem here. I tried to remove my fax number from the side bar of my website, I went to my wife’s computer and loaded it. Change was not published. So it can’t be a problem with the old being cashed. I’m on Rapidweaver 8.3 20799.

The fax number does not appear in the sidebar when I load your page. Seems like a cache issue.

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Bada Bing! Clearing the cache worked to update the website online. Thanks for your quick advice. Case closed successfully.

Rob, I tried to change file names, didn’t help. I am wondering whether the problem might be related to the theme I am using (brilliant v1.3). It was released in 2013 or so, perhaps a compatibility problem with RW 8 ?

Could be. There’s a new version of Brilliant (1.4). Maybe @weaver can shed some light on this?

Alternatively, if I were you, I’d create a new page and then use Settings to remove it from the menu.

Then I’d either add the gallery stack you’re using (or if it’s the built in Photo Album, you’ll need to create the new page using that plugin) and then add a single image. Publish. Navigate to the page and see if the image is there. Then keep going until the problem occurs or you’re able to re-create the gallery with up to date photos.

If you can, then swap out the new page for the old one. It could just be that somewhere along the line something on the existing page has gotten tangled up somehow.

Best of luck


Well, at last the problem is solved !

it was a problem related to my FTP provider (Speednames). In June this year they made a serious upgrade and I had to contact the Support team to have my site back online. But at that moment I did not try to republish a page. In fact my username and password had to be changed… I guess I was supposed to know that.

Anyway Sonia at the Speednames support team did solve this case.

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