Republishing directions?

My website is live but i am redoing it in a new theme…Strata. Question…when i upload my new site using rapidweaver…can i just upload (republish) and will it over ride my files on my server? i am keeping all the same file names. also how to i make a copy on my server of my current site in case something goes wrong?
i am a small business owner trying to keep my site current all for google rankings.
my current site is all comments welcome. be nice i am just a layperson


In theory, Yes. The Theme changes the CSS etc; that determine how your site looks.

If it looks good to you in its new form when you both Preview it within RW and perhaps export it and view your pages locally by dragging the root index.html file to a browser locally on your Mac, then you should be OK to republish.

There can be anomalies - which is why it’s wise to make sure that ll your pages look as you want them to in RW Preview mode before you republish.

Your idea of keeping a copy on the server is a good one: if you have access to it via ftp - perhaps using software like Transmit - then you’d get onto the server’s docroot (probably called something like ‘www’ or ‘public_html’), create a new folder, say ‘oldsite’, move all the directories from your old site into it (could take several minutes), leaving the way clear for RW to publish your new one.

In the unlikely event that something went wrong, or was not to your liking, you’d simply delete everything which you’d just published - outside that new (‘oldsite’) folder - and replace it with the older/previous files that you’d just archived (in ‘oldsite’). These are not things usually done from within RW itself - although there is a Plugin, Convoy, which might help.

Good luck!