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I published a website using RapidWeaver7

I have since made changes to the site and although RapidWeaver says that it has been re-published it has not

MacOS High Sierra / Version 10.13.3 / RapidWeaver 7
At point of publishing
Unable to complete

Would really appreciate you help. Thank you

(scott williams) #2

file menu
Republish All

(Doobox Software) #3

You say you made some changes…!
It’s possible if you are using Stacks, that you have added a stack to your page that converted your pages file extension from .html to .php

So if for example you were previously looking at your page at
and then you republished with a stack that converted the extension.
Looking again at
You’d see no changes.
Because you’d now be publishing a new page to

This catches people out from time to time and may be the case here.

(Jayne Fletcher-Brander) #4

Thanks for this but it unfortunately did not work. It is only publishing pre-changes. :frowning:

(Jayne Fletcher-Brander) #5

Thanks for this advice. I literally just changes the colour of the font as it was white against a white background !!!

I changed the colour ofvthe font to black and now it won’t publish with the new font colour :frowning:

I’ve tried the alternative publishing methods but they won’t publish it either.

Thanks anyway

(Doobox Software) #6

What is the URL?

Did you try visiting both .html and .php versions of the page after publishing?

Have you cleared your browser cache after publishing?

(Greg Schneck) #7

As Doobox says… clear your cache. A color change would likely be CSS and CSS is likely cached. Clear your browser cache and try again. When I’m working on sites I use a extension which clears the cache every time I view my page.

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