Request to disable auto file open on RW7 startup & also plugin/theme update checker

Can I make a request to add an option to disable the current behaviour which is to open up the last open files. I would prefer to open just the App with no files loaded up.

This is particularly important when a Stack updates and RW7 either offers a Relaunch or doesn’t offer a Relaunch. Not sure why the relaunch offer happens sometimes and not others.

The problem is that when a relaunch occurs and you accept it, RW7 relaunches before you have saved the changes to the any open files. This is a disaster waiting to happen.

On a similar note, can an option be added to RW7.3 to turn off the Plugin/Theme update checking. I, like many Stacks users only use 1 Plugin and 1 theme which I get notified about anyway. I would prefer not to have any further delays added that will serve no use in this common senario.

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Isn’t that also a Mac setting? Every program of mine works that way. If I leave a window(s) open, the program will open the last window(s) open. If I close the window(s) before quitting the program, then only the program opens, no window(s).

RW6 doesn’t work that way. This is a change in RW7.

The danger is that after an update, RW7 sometimes wants to relaunch itself. You should be able to choose what happens on start up. Any program that has to restart itself to get itself in order shouldn’t reopen files.

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I’m updated with RW, so I can’t answer for RW6… that’s too far in the past lol.

Anytime I haven’t saved a file and there is an update, it asks me to save before it will do the update. I guess I’m pretty careful about not having files open when updating, whether RW or any other program, so I don’t see this issue. If it relaunches, I quit and reopen. And again, other programs I use do this as well. The relaunch after updating.

You’ll be asked whether you want to save any projects that have changes before RapidWeaver is quit. It looks like this:

This has been the behaviour since at least RapidWeaver 6, and probably before then too.

@LSPhoto is correct though. The opening of windows when relaunching is a macOS setting. If you don’t want that behaviour, make sure you’ve enabled “Close windows when quitting an app”.

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I see different behaviour between RW6 and 7 and my 'Ask to keep changes" is on the default unchecked.

The issue was that something other than RW updated (can’t remember what at this point), RW7 offered a Relaunch and when selected, it relaunched without waiting to save unchanged files resulting in lost data.

RW6 never opens up last open files.