Does this contact form look like it's set up correctly to you?

Hi there, I’ve set up a contact form button on my test site here: - stormdesignprint Resources and Information..

I always find contact form set ups really confusing so I just have one question regarding the jpg I’m attaching (see attached).
When I’m happy with the form I shall replace my email address in 2 places with the client’s email address, but I’m sure that I was advised to leave the ‘from’ address blank, is that correct? If I leave it blank then when an email comes in it’s addressed from her hosting service so maybe that’s normal and better practice than to have her own email addy in there?
Any clarification greatfully received.

hi Gabrielle. When I clicked the link the form opened, but in my browser the form was taller than my screen and it was scrolled to the bottom, I had to scroll up to see what was up there. I recommend you test the same form but using less text to see if you get a form with what you want but that opens without scrolling down.

Also several of the boxes for services came in as already checked. Hope hat helps Marty

Already checked??? Lawks. Ok thanks so much for taking a look. I can’t use less text as the client is specific, so actually now I’m thinking about having a link to a form page so it’s simpler. Hopefully I can sort out the already checked tick boxes too lol!

Ok would you do me a massive favour and check the contact form now here?
Hopefully its shows up nice and clearly and none of the boxes are preticked!

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Gabrielle, The new full screen form looks great.

A couple of points I might change if the site was for me.

I would not require a mobile. I do not know how, but many site forms put a red asterisk in the form boxes that are required. Therefore most people would know that they would be able to choose wether or not to put the mobile number. With my customers many would not fill out the form if their mobile was required

recaptcha explained

If the form gets spammed they might want you to “fix it” so maybe a good idea to investigate the free recaptcha.

There could also be better paid or free systems, i don’t know.

Please set a real email in your form and try it out. There are several recent threads where users complain that have had some emails not delivered to all addresses.

Cheers Marty

Ok thank you so much for taking a look! I have now implemented a simple recaptcha on the form as suggested by Joe Workman here: and I’ve now popped her actual email address into the backend so that she can start testing it. And I’ve queried the mobile thing too. Thank you.

My only last question is: In Joe’s contact form, do I leave the ‘from email address’ field blank? Or put the client’s own address in there? Or put in a noreply email address (not sure what that actually involves though).

I think that joe has a video on how to do the form. If you find it, please link it as well.

Cheers M

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