Resources are not working/publishing

I set up a website over a year ago using RW6. It was great. Since the last update, I haven’t been able to link resources. My resources are pdf images and text files. I can add them but when I try to publish my site, it times out. I have tried repeatedly but it always happens. It got to the point that I removed all resources and tried to add just one, thinking there may have been too many. Still no joy. This is so frustrating as my site does not have the links required. But it worked before!

@bas Hi, Barbara,

May I suggest a workaround that not only solves your problem, but also makes your project file smaller and performing better?

I also use a lot of PDF files and JPEG images on my site. At the beginning, I was placing them all in resources – like you are. My project file was growing rapidly, which was causing performance problems within RW and made publishing/exporting a very long process (publishing is the problem area all in itself in RW).

So, I started to warehouse both PDFs and JPEGs on the same server where I publish my website. Then, I just use referrals to those warehoused files in my project, using the free Embed stack from Stacks4Stacks. This way, my PDFs can be both viewed and downloaded by users. Meanwhile, my ‘Resources’ folder stays empty. I save myself a lot of grief and time.


Thanks Rob, I will have a go.

My pleasure, Barbara…

I’m having the same issue, but only in “Email” stacks from Joe Workman, not in my normal website, let me know if you found a fix

I am having the same issue. It is driving me mad. My website is my business… SOMEONE PLEASE FIX THIS!!

This is a two year old post, talking about RW6 and PDF’s!

I might be wrong, but I doubt that you’re having this same problem.

If you’re having issues with RW8 resources then you might want to add to this post:

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