Resources need fixing - please help

I’m using RW6.3.4 (the latest version)

I have published my website to a new host.
But the folder Resources did not get published.

There are about 10 PDFs on my websites that can be downloaded from my website, but now it no longer works. Instead of a pdf an error message appears.

Why doesn’t RW6 publish the resources folder and its content to my new host?
Is it a bug in RW634?

Why does not RW634 Export the resources folder either?

What happened and how to fix it?
Where can I find more information about resources?
How does it work?


did you do a Republish All Files??

Thanks zeebe,

Yes, I did do a Republish All Files.

So I uploaded the resources folder with Fetch instead.

Next (tomorrow) I’ll rename that folder and try again with RW and Republish All Files to see what happens.

You could try: <a href=%resource(example.pdf)%>Click for PDF</a> to direct the user to the file.

The default File Sharing plugin also provides an excellent repository for files, such as PDFs, in which you can distribute & enables the user to download.


Two things to try:

If you Export your site - to your local hard drive, is the resources folder there?

If you look at the site on your new host, can you not see the resources folder - even after marking all files as changed and then republishing all?

Hi Mark,

I think it has to do with the location of mywebsite.rw6 and the location of the resourses folder on my iMac.
They were in the same folder.

But I dragged mywebsite.rw6 out of that folder (instead of making an alias) !@#$%^&
So the resourses in the folder resources on the iMac got de-linked from mywebsite.rw6.
And the recources folder and its content did not get published…

I put mywebsite.rw6 back in the folder together with the resources folder and now the resources folder and its content gets published to my new host.

But there still are differences between the content of the rescources folder on my iMac and the recources in mywebsite.rw6 and the resources folder on the site of my new HOST.

pdf files are OK, but now I have to look into the content of the folders: Add folder, figure, logo, photo.

Where is the users guide?

Well done; I tend to leave everything where the installer puts it!

What error message is shown?


I fixed the problem so it doesn’t show anymore.
Someting funny like .html …?

Hi Mark,

You are right, but I started with RW3.6 and I have been working on 2 computers, so unfortunately I need to do some clearing up.