Resources Not Exporting

Hello. When exporting a site, most of my resources are still marked with a blue bullet and aren’t there when I look for them in the Finder. Most of the folders are just empty.

I need to export due to an internet problem in our office, so I can take the files with me and upload at home. But it doesn’t seem to include everything in the export. I’ve tried marking the entire site as changed but it made no difference.

I’ve emailed RealMac as well… I’m a little up the creek on this one.


I know this may sound a little perverse; but what happens when you kind of cut your losses and say, “Well RW knows what it’s doing” and: delete all files in the existing/previous folder you’ve identified as for Export (usually at the same level in the finder as RW itself); mark all files as changed as you have been doing; perform the export… and…

… then… either bring those files to work and upload them as if they really were complete, or open the root level index.html (etc) file in a browser from your desktop?

If that way you can identify which resources are not getting exported, it might help to identify why.

I’ve already done this. I deleted everything in the Export folder, marked everything as changed and re-exported. There is nothing in several of the Resource folders. When I upload the Exported folder as-is, several items are clearly missing on my site.

Right - and what I’m thinking is that exactly which those missing resources are will be a good clue as to what’s going on.

Are the missing resources, for instance, all graphics? Are they in one particular folder? Of one particular file type?

If they’re of a number small enough to do an inventory of what isn’t getting exported, that ought to indicate what could be going on.

What error messages do you get?

Second tactic, make a copy of your project file - in a different directory, open it, mark all files as changed etc, export it to a new location and see what errors you get when you try and run the site - from its docroot index.html (etc) file - locally.

There is not one specific type of missing file. Some are graphics, some are PDF’s, some are javascript files etc. It’s not even every folder, just most of them. There is no error message and no apparent pattern. Rapidweaver even still has them marked with the blue bullet which shows they are “changed” and need to be uploaded/exported.

The problem if I change the directory of the file then it loses the link to my graphics.

I’ve brought all the files home with me to upload the entire site right from the Rapidweaver file. I had to relink all of the files and that might have fixed the problem, but I’ll see when my work internet it back up and running.