Responsive issue with Grid Iron 3 when inside another stack

Hi all,

I wonder if anyone out there can provide a solution to my issue. I’m in the process of resdesinging a website.
Many pages require the display of multiple CSV tables.

After much searching and testing I decided to use a combination of the Stacks; FAQ 2, Simple Tabs and Grid Iron 3 (they are constructed within each other in that order). Display and functionality is all fine until its viewed on a mobile…
Grid Iron 3 is not responding as it should, it does eventually respond to the mobile screen size (most of the time). However the is always a delay, which always various in length, and the table only seems to respond and re-size once you’ve scrolled up and down the page a couple of times. Similarly, the simulator in RapidWeaver it only responds when you slightly increase and then reduce the simulator window size.

I have searched through everything I can think of… cannot see any padding anywhere that might be to blame, and have tried pretty much every setting (I think).

If there’s anyone that could maybe find the issue within the code, or has had a similar issue and resolved it I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

Also note, Grid Iron 3 when placed on its own (not within another stack) always responds as expected. Only once placed inside something else I have the issue. Have also tried experimenting with other ‘responsive’ stacks to hold other stacks, that didn’t work either.

Thanks for helping!

My first thought is that GridIron has no way to know the container size of that accordion tab as it loads because the tab is empty. I have seen similar behavior with other tab/accordion stacks with other types of content as well. I would ask the developer of the tab stack.

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