In Rapidweaver 7 is the standard "Photo Album" Responsive?

Hi, I am thinking to upgrade from RW 5 to 7. My question is under “Add Page”/then choose “Photo Album”, will it make a responsive photo gallery, that will appear properly on phones and tablets? I want to use it “as is” if possible, without using stacks. I made a simple test with RW5, looks fine on the desktop, but doesn’t scale itself on an ipad.
Test made with RW 5:

for reference another gallery made with other software outside of RW, set up as a Off-site page in my RW project

AND eventually I’d like to get something like this made with Turning Gate software plugins for Lightroom and integrated into my RW site nearly matching my Qube theme (current photo gallery set up is a bit difficult to update)

Thanks in advance, Ed

I’d say that the Photo Album in RW7 works in a similar way. Here’s a gallery I knocked up that seems to behave in the same way as your flowers example.


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Thank you Rob. Can you tell if it is so-called “responsive”? I was hoping the Photo Album might be a little more advanced than the one that’s included in RW5. (Going offline soon so my next reply will have to wait awhile).


It the same as in RW5. You might get another experience with a different theme.

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It’s really the theme that controls if the gallery is responsive or not. Definitely give another theme a shot.

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Thank you all for the advice. I am currently using Qube 2.0 version theme by Nimble Host with RW5 and like the custom look I have for the non-gallery pages. I’ll see what else I can do for photo galleries. If anyone knows a Theme that may do what I want happy to hear recommendations. Thanks again.

Nimble host themes are now part of seydesign.
Might check out qube 5.

Thanks Doug for the tip.

I believe the Photo Gallery is essentially the same in RW5 and RW7. There are ways to enhance it but these require Stacks 3 and these stacks - you’ll need to purchase both.


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Hello all, I would like to thank you all for your advice and various links. Also special thanks to Will Woodgate at seyDesign themes (Qube Theme, mentioned above - among other goodies) for his supporting advice. For now, I have managed to migrate one big section of my “old” galleries to a new domain, simply by changing all the links in the PHP text files. It works now at my main site. Its not done with stacks or other plugins. If anyone is interested -
Thank again, Ed

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