Rewards & Affiliate Programs

Is there a way to create a rewards program & an affiliate program for my store?

You should ask the developer of your store.
What store are you using on your website?

I should have made it more clear. I’m building a store with Rapid Weaver & Rapid Cart. I was wondering if there was an add on to to do these things

Affiliation is a feature that will be soon available in RapidCart Pro.

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Thank you. I’ll look for updates.

Boy, I hope soon available is sooner rather than later! According to the forum, this was 255 days ago…

Has anyone found a solution for tracking incoming (affiliate) links for rapid weaver store?

Right now, the only solution that I can think of is to create a second store (on a second domain?) with a different payment system (in my case a second PayPal account). I guess I could use the same PayPal account and just use Rapidcar Prot’s online administration page from the two different domains to differentiate.