RapidCart Pro, 3 Shops (Problem)

Website: www.sewaneevillage.com/fund

From this page (above link), I have 3 buttons to go to 3 different pages, which are 3 different ecommerce shops, using RapidCart Pro. When I publish (and republish all files) these pages, those links will ALL go to the same shop, rather than to one of the respective shops appropriately. Can’t I have more than one shop? And if so, how do I remedy this?


I see from the developer’s support site that only ONE per RapidWeaver project is possible. I’ll try to find workarounds. One such workaround I have is for payments to go to separate Paypal accounts. Advice accepted (while I hunt answers from within myself, too). Thanks!

Can you post a screenshot of your page structure, the left hand side bar in Rapidweaver?

Hello. Thanks for your reply. Please see my above reply for my conclusion to PART of the problem. Now I’m trying to learn if I may have individual products’ payments go to various Paypal accounts.

Can you put each “shop” in it’s own project file and publish each to the respective sub-folders? With them being separate, then you should be able to have each connected to their own PayPal account too.

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I confirm that, with Rapidcart Pro, you can only have one page with your store.
The simplest way to handle this could be to use Cart3 or Paysnap, wich are different, quite cheap, and where you can have different products on different pages with the same store/account…

And for every body who is interested in stores made with RW, I proposed to share them here (with almost no results until now, but I do think it would be a very interesting subject to share…).

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