RFP for building a One pager website

(Ali Rafiaie) #1


Due to workload in our company, we are looking for a simple Onepager website with a very nice graphic:

1- The images will be provided
2- There will only be no more than 5 pages
3- Each page will contain graphic and no CMS
4- Preferably using Parallaxis Theme but open to other Themes
5- Please provide some sites that represents your work from your portfolio

Please send your proposal with price using forum personal message. If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask.


(Ric) #2

One pager no more than 5 pages!!!

I’ve just looked at your last post Ali. Something’s awry here.

I’d suggest anyone interested might want to look into this further before giving away commercially valuable information.

(Ali Rafiaie) #3

I am not giving away any other information not unless is via personal Email.


(Ali Rafiaie) #4


The deadline is this Wednesday 9/28. If interested, please kindly IM me.


(Ali Rafiaie) #5

One important note is that the site needs to be more toward creating outstanding graphical images than anything else.

Many Thanks