RSS Feeder in Voyager Pro Not Working

I am using Voyager Pro but unfortunately, the RSS URL will not work with any third party application such as Sprout Social or MailChimp. Does anyone, including the developer have the answer to this problem? Here is the RSS Feed URL If so I would grateful for any advice in non-technical speak, please.

Finally, I have noticed some RSS Stacks, I am not using any stacks with our website at present, but would using any the RSS stacks solve this problem, if so which?

First of all, that’s not a theme depend issue. The feed.xml is build by the Blog plugin and will look like in every theme equally.

Maybe you could share the issues you have with the 3rd party applications you encounter with us?

I and not quite sure what you don’t understand. However, your response doesn’t really answer the question. You see that I have been asked to provide my RSS feed URL. If you follow the link that I’ve sent in the earlier poster look at my website you will see that the RSS feed does not work. My question was how can this be resolved, I understand that it is a real Mac software issue. If you believe otherwise then please clarify the same in plain English.

As far as the third party applications are concerned, there is little clarity given in the description of these products whether they will resolve the issue. More particularly, whether these products will actually work with rapid we eight and the theme the time using. Given the experience that have had with some of the third party products attack purchased, i.e. lack of response from the developers, I was simply asking whether there is any third-party RSS feed that you know of that works with the theme and rapid weaver 8?

Your RSS feed works fine for me in Feedly.

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Seems to work for me as well.

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Hi @Sankofa — as I mentioned in my email reply earlier to you this morning (see below) the RSS feed is generated by the app itself. If you’re still running into problems with your feed be sure to email Realmac Software at so they can lend you a hand in sorting it out.

Themes unfortunately do not have any control or influence over the RSS feed creation. That is handled solely by the RW app itself. If you’re experiencing problems with it you’ll want to contact Realmac Software regarding those problems.

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I’m not able to add the feed to my RSS Bot so I think the problem is with the feed definitely not the theme. Or my particular reader?

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