RW 6.3.5 CONSTANT crashes and not saving work with one stack

I’ve been using RW for a few years but lately I’m experiencing numerous crashes just trying to save work. I’m using RW, Rapidcart Pro and a stack called ImagePile Gallery. The issue is not with Rapidcart Pro but with saving my RW file after working in ImagePile Gallery. The gallery layout is in groups of 5 pics and after simply adding a URL for each pic, I attempt to save and RW beachballs and crashes. When it at least sometimes goes through the motions of saving, I discover it actually never did save. After completing recently 20 groups of five and saving after each group, I see that the time of the last save was earlier that day or the preceeding day. WTF. What about the twenty saves I just completed over the past hour?
After it crashes, the popup Something Went Wrong NEVER allows me to send a problem description and report so what’s the use of having it?
I’ve checked available memory and I’m usually at 3.5GB of 8GB available when this happens. Theres over 600GB of available space on the hard drive.
It’s been going on for weeks and its frustrating along with having to keep redoing the same task over and over due to the crashes.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

Could we get a copy of your project file and the stacks in question? Send it by email to support at realmacsoftware dot com!

When RapidWeaver crashes, and you’re prompted to send a crash report, are you submitting the crash with the email address associated with your forum account?


Yes, to the email address associated with my forum account. Name and email address auto populate when the crash box appears and it appears to be sending but never does.
The RW file is around 220MB. I don’t use dropbox but will look into another way to get the file to you shortly.

I am having this same issue. I am using stacks 3. I contacted them and they said it isn’t their stack that is causing it. After the update it seems like everyone is having this issue.