RW 6, New Links Only work on home page and no other page

When adding links to any page except the home page it keeps coming up with a 404 error. I made a stack on the home page its just a simple text “Test” and I set the link to a pdf I have stored in my godaddy files. That stack works fine on the website homepage but when I use that same stack on another page that link will come up with a 404 error. below is a link to my site.

Below the “join email list” box is a small text that reads “Test” that link works. But on the Test Page that same text (I copied it as a stack from the home page and just inserted it on the test page) does not work and shows a 404 error.

Need some help here this has been a real thorn in my side the last few days!



I can’t get it to not work. Link on home page = OK (pdf shown) and link(s) on test page = not a 404.

Hey Matt,

All links worked for me, too.

Did you try different browsers (and clearing your browser’s cache)?

Thanks Kryten, I am actually currently working on it and added more to the url link and seams to be working I am loading a new page that I have been working on (its a second “resources page”) to test out those links.

Thanks LaPan and kryten, seems I did something wrong in my code the links seem to be working now.

Thanks for your time!