Internal and External Links doesn't work in my website

Why the internal and external links doesn’t work in my website?
Link to another page, link to external page, link to URL … nothings happened !!!
Could you help me please

here is my url:

Navigation links working fine here - Windows 10 and Chrome browser.


Could you tell me which links do you check please?! Exactly please? Because every cyan text in Home Page and Servizi Page are internal links and doesn’t work… in Footer links Privacy and Sitemap doesn’t work and in Footer Contact me doesn’t work. In Home Page “Vai al Sito” are links to URL doesn’t work.

Have you check it?! I don’t know why …

Tested with Mac and Chrome and Safari …

Cookie policy link works
Contact Me works

Privacy and Sitemap don’t.

Can you check to see if those folders actually exist on your server using an FTP program?


Your site contains 379 pages. On these pages there are in total 457 links. 37 of them give a 404 error (page not found)

My website contains 15 pages and there are 10 links !!! I mean footer links and 2 links into Home Page to other websites and 5 links in servizi page and now all works. Why you say that?!

Your project contains 5 pages. The photoalbum generates lots(!) of html pages you are not aware off. Here is a page with 2 links that do not work:

Check the twitter link (icon), check the youtube link (icon). Both 404. I’ve found more of these. Hope this helps.