Saving/publishing issues persist in RW 7.1.7

(Frank) #1

I still have publishing problems in RW 7.1.7 (macOS Sierra 10.12.1). When I click Publish or even Save, the app immediately hangs (beach ball spins forever). The cause seems to be a conflict between the PlusKit plugin and RW’s new “lazy loading” feature: When I select every single page at least once (to force them to load) before publishing, it works fine. Is there a way to disable this “lazy loading” feature — at least for projects that use PlusKit?

(Alex) #2

I have the same issue, and thanks to your post I was able to, at least, save my changes (by removing the PlusKit plugin).
However, there are other projects where I can save and upload without any problem, and they too use the PlusKit plugin.

After removing the PlusKit plug-in, I saved the project, quit the app, and re-opened it.
I then re-added the PlusKit plug-in and I was able to save and publish to the server.

(Sascha Krüger) #3

…and preview or publish only works when minify CSS is turned off
(Sierra + 7.1.7)
Guys, this needs to be fixed. This problem persists no for every version after 7.0.4.

(George Peacock) #4

I agree I have just updated to 7.1.17 today and guess what preview does not work - just a blank white screen

(George Peacock) #5

Small update - I have picked up on one project that when I removed a copy of Joe W’s Locker Stack the site did preview all ok. Am still having some issues but I am wondering if some Stacks are causing problems.

Was a bit surprised that Locker which simply holds a Stack(s) in limbo and does not publish them (its a v handy tool for isolating a stack that needs more work) would cause seemingly such an issue but…

Hope the RW guys can shed some light. I do like v7 but I am scared to update these days. Seems like many others are also from reading comments. Be good to get a stable version.


(Frank) #6

Thanks, @alexinwonderland, for the hint. Unfortunately, removing and re-adding the PlusKit plugin didn’t work for me. RW still hangs on save or publish.

(Andrea Vitali) #7

removing plus kit did not solve my saving problem…
…i’ll stick to 7.0.4

(I’m on El Capitan)

(Andrea Vitali) #9

@SteveB: I tried the 7.2b6 and did not solve the problem. I’m still unable to save RW 7.0.4 migrated projects. I think that could be related with the dimensions of the projects… which I can’t change