RW7 too crashes when updating stacks :-/ (Stacks Issue)

seeing this since (late) RW 5 :mad:

now and then (more now than then!) the app crashes while updating stacks (not the plugin, individual stacks)
almost always if there’s more than 1 stack needing update, almost never if there’s just 1

usually first stack is installed fine then… RW crashes while updating the second (… or third one)
happens both clicking “Update All” or just one by one


What version of the Stacks plugin do you have?

latest (3.1.0) installed before upgrading to RW7

but, as I said, it’s been happening for years now!

I recommend contacting. I’m sure he’d be happy to help @isaiah

hi Greg

yes: already been through this many times these last years
typical scenario where one gets bounced between RealMac and Isaiah, both promising to take care of it
though here I am once more (and, “lately”, only complaining when major version release are issued by RM or YH)

thanks anyway, both you and zeebe :slight_smile:

Yes, that happened to me too last night.

RW6 + Mavericks: happened ALL the time
RW6 + El Capitan: stopped happening
RW7 + El Capitan: happening AGAIN

If you are getting a crash report window, make sure to send this report to RMS.

weird: think I only got some relief under RW6 + Mavericks :-/

We’re looking in to this one. If someone has a crash report they can send to or our slack channel please do, thanks.

hi Isaiah

Crash log sent :wink:

thank you

… and the ballet starts (once more :-/ )

Isaiah told me the crash log contains nothing about updating stacks :-/
weird as… it’s the one and only RW7 crash log I have (in fact RW7 only crashed once… so far :-p ) and time is right a few minutes before my OP here

sent the log to Realmac support too
fingers crossed :neutral_face:
(hhhhmmmm… I think… been there, seen this all already)