RW7 too crashes when updating stacks :-/ (Stacks Issue)

(paolo savonuzzi) #1

seeing this since (late) RW 5 :mad:

now and then (more now than then!) the app crashes while updating stacks (not the plugin, individual stacks)
almost always if there’s more than 1 stack needing update, almost never if there’s just 1

usually first stack is installed fine then… RW crashes while updating the second (… or third one)
happens both clicking “Update All” or just one by one


(Robert Ziebol 🖖🏼) #2

What version of the Stacks plugin do you have?

(paolo savonuzzi) #3

latest (3.1.0) installed before upgrading to RW7

but, as I said, it’s been happening for years now!

(Gregory Barchard) #4

I recommend contacting. I’m sure he’d be happy to help @isaiah

(paolo savonuzzi) #5

hi Greg

yes: already been through this many times these last years
typical scenario where one gets bounced between RealMac and Isaiah, both promising to take care of it
though here I am once more (and, “lately”, only complaining when major version release are issued by RM or YH)

thanks anyway, both you and zeebe :slight_smile:

(Butternut Squash) #6

Yes, that happened to me too last night.

RW6 + Mavericks: happened ALL the time
RW6 + El Capitan: stopped happening
RW7 + El Capitan: happening AGAIN

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #7

If you are getting a crash report window, make sure to send this report to RMS.

(paolo savonuzzi) #8

weird: think I only got some relief under RW6 + Mavericks :-/

(Isaiah Carew) #9

We’re looking in to this one. If someone has a crash report they can send to or our slack channel please do, thanks.

(paolo savonuzzi) #10

hi Isaiah

Crash log sent :wink:

thank you

(paolo savonuzzi) #11

… and the ballet starts (once more :-/ )

Isaiah told me the crash log contains nothing about updating stacks :-/
weird as… it’s the one and only RW7 crash log I have (in fact RW7 only crashed once… so far :-p ) and time is right a few minutes before my OP here

sent the log to Realmac support too
fingers crossed :neutral_face:
(hhhhmmmm… I think… been there, seen this all already)