RW is absolutely flying

‘Upgraded’ to El Capitan this morning.
Just opened RW6 to do a few product updates…

BLOODY HELL (and I normally avoid capitalisation) Rapid Weaver is absolutely flying.

My (admittedly quite large) business site was becoming tardy to the point I was considering splitting it or looking elsewhere.

The only beachball I’m getting now is on saving. I can live with that, no problem.
Doing anything else is almost instant including the addition of image warehouse links that always beach balled and stalled for a couple of seconds.

This is a big thing for me, possibly life-changing (sad, but true).

Many thanks to whoever is responsible, be they Apple, The Purple Bricks Bro’s, JW, Isaiah, or a combination of you all.

A great weekend to all - mine’s started very well.


Great to hear @ricinport :slight_smile:

It’s a perfect storm, Ric: Apple, Realmac and YourHead all at the top of their game with El Capitan, RW6 and Stacks 3. Weaving is a real pleasure again.


The difference is really quite incredible, and yes, Weaving really is a pleasure again.
I’m off to a weekend trade fair in Lisbon in half and hour and I don’t really want to leave my updates I’m enjoying it that much.

Does this mean RW6 (7) is now a bonafide possibility for larger business sites?
I’ll be spending the quieter season bulking mine up with product and see how far I can now push it :wink: