RW 7 Podcast files wrong url!

I am working on 3 podcast projects. If the Podcast/Blog is on the first page the url for the Podcast.mp3 is But if the page has different name

like page0 the Link is still to files/podcast.mp3 and not to page0/files/podcast.mp3.
So all Podcast are offline!!! Because of the wrong Link !!!

To show the bug i made a test page
like you see the url of the Test podcast is but this is wrong!! because the file is here
The Podcast URL with RW7 is always only to the start page „/files/podcast_0.mp3“

:confused:PS: I know the wrong Podcast URL is working, because there is a podcast with the same file name.

Bug is not fixed in RW 7.02!
Changed the .mp3 file to test it again. Location for the podcast file for the Test-Page is (only Voice no Music) but RW linked it to the podcast-file to the Startpage (Music-Intro with voice).
Reported it to RW, but no answer :worried:

Hi @UltimateJim. Sorry you’ve been having trouble with this.

I’ve just logged the issue in our tracker, and I’ll make sure it’s looked at before the next release.

I’ll give you a nudge if there’s anything else we need, but you’ve been pretty thorough in your report. Thanks for that! :thumbsup:

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