RW 7 Problems and Issues first Month

So my new site has been updated from RW 5 to RW 7.

Common problems…

-Deletes images randomly in the BLOG.
-Turns Styled Text pages into Lost Plugin Pages.
-Deletes writings in BLOG posts.

I’ve never had any of this happen in RW 5. RW7 is full of bugs
and problems. I wish there was a more stable update.

Redid the site with theme flood free template, and in 5 I never had these issues.
I used theme flood in the past and they make great sites. But RW crew please work out the bugs. is the site. You can see blank blog posts and missing images here.

I don’t think so. The latest RW7 is very stable, and I don’t know of any “bugs”. Was this a result of your conversion from RW5, or ongoing problems with new BLOG or pages you have added to RW7? Since you skipped a release (RW6), did you go through the steps outlined in the KB article from RealMac?

Upgrading RW is not an all or nothing update. You still should be able to run your old version of RW5 on the same Mac while you atempt to convert your project(s) to the new version.


With all due respect, reasonably stable (I still have to Force Quit it once or twice a day) when working on larger sites, and there are significant and lingering bugs.

So I figured out why images were disappearing and it was how I was naming them according to the health check which I do like health check. Sometimes the longer naming conventions replaced images with the wrong ones.

I have really been having issues with simple STYLED TEXT pages somehow loosing a plug-in that actually is part of the program. That happens at least once a week while working on the site, and I lose all the info from those pages.

It has crashed about 4 times since I have installed RW7. I like the new look and feel for sure, but Teefers you shouldn’t get to offended. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but styled text pages should not lose the plug in because I never added one to get styled text.

This is just a heads up of my experience with it in the first month. I will go through the KB article and see if that helps.

If anyone else has had simple styled text pages lose the plug-in let me know if there is a fix.