RW 7 Very Very Slow Publishing - Normal?

Hello- I just upgraded from RW 6 to RW 7. For the most part, everything looked to move over nicely. I like the new layout of RW7. Nice work.

But when I went to republish the site, what took RW6 about 3-5min is taking RW over 20min and its only about 1/2 way. Is this normal on a first publish? I REALLY hope this isn’t the new norm.


Hi, you can set the speed of publishing in the publishing setup at “Connections”. Try to set it very high first, if this causes an error, set it one setting lower. I usually set it to 5. It is really fast that way.


This first published totally messed up my entire website. Very disappointed so far. I’m republishing with RW 6 and will try to re-do this tonight on off-peak hours. But RMS needs to remember that people use this to make a living… this is pretty unacceptable so far.


Yes, that happend to me once. I chose to re-publish all files and ressources with the high speed setting and everything was back to normal. So I did not have to revert to RW6.

I haven’t had any publishing issues, thankfully. A few others have on the forum have had slow publishing issues. From the sounds of it, 7.1 is going to have pretty significant speed performances for large projects. Release date of that is TBA.

If you try increasing the number of ftp connections, and using extended passive, those both might help. Making sure you’re updated to 7.0.4. Also, others are also permanently or temporarily using external ftp programs (Transmit and Yummy seem to be the most popular) and I think that’s better.

Hey Guys- This is very helpful… thanks! was worried it was just an issue with my project file or installation. So, what I’ll do tonight is set it to 5 and let’r rip a second time. In hindsight, I really shouldn’t have done it during prime hours. Stupid of me.


I always export to a local folder now and then use Yummy FTP to synchronise everything on the server. It does add an extra step but ultimately saves a lot of time and stress because it works every time. My hope is that 7.1 will deliver the promised boost in speed when previewing pages that can be horribly slow.

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Wasn’t one of the biggest upgrade features of 7 the amazing publishing capabilities?

That was the theory. It’s never really worked reliably for me in RW6 or RW7. In my case it wasn’t perfect during the beta period of RW7, but certainly better than RW6. Then after release it became worse again so I just decided not to lose any more time on it and stick with Yummy.

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