RW 7.0.1 slow publishing

I upgraded to RW 7 today and loaded an existing RW6 project to see how things went. Everything worked fine and I tried setting up a local export folder, to which I published the site. Impressive. However, I then published the site (all files) on FTP leaving the publishing connections speed set to the default: 1 - Slowest. I cancelled the publishing after a short time as at the rate it was progressing it would have taken an eternity to complete. I reset the connections speed to 4 - Fast, and left it to do its stuff. I didn’t time it, but it took ages, probably over 15 minutes (for around 5.5k files), compared to two or three minutes at most on RW6. Is this normal? I’ve yet to try the Fast As Hell option!

Update: Added one post to a blog page on the site and republished with connections speed set to 6 - Fast As Hell. RW7 republished all files (actually 5,356) and took 39 minutes. Publishing characterised by rapid bursts of files being published interspersed with periods when nothing appeared to be happening. I can’t live with nearly 40 minutes to update a site after changing only one blog post. Back to RW6 unless I can resolve this.

I’d love it to only take 40 minutes. I have a slow 5Mb/s connection and it takes around 6 hours to publish 2k files with RW7. I can’t see an option to only publish updated files either.

Hmmm. RW7 should only published changed files. Is your’s doing a publish all every time?

At those speeds I hope not!


probably server issue. why it was intermittent.

OK, thanks for the feedback. I’ve now experimented a bit more. Back to RW6 and made the same changes. By the way, I forgot to mention last time that I enabled a page in navigation, which is why all pages republished. In RW6 these changes resulted in 233 files uploading in a shade over a minute. So I then (still in RW6) republished all files, which in this case showed 498 files, again in just over a minute. So why over 5k files in RW7? It appears that RW7 is on each occasion republishing the theme files in rw_common, whereas RW6 doesn’t - let’s face it, they normally won’t have changed. On my site rw_common has 5260 items out of 5737 when I export locally. Just to make sure this wasn’t a one-off, I changed navigation visibility of one page in RW7 this morning and published - 5353 files - I cancelled the publishing at 30 minutes after 3,800 files! So does anybody know why this is happening?

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I had a reply from Dan C this morning who said they have identified the bug that is causing this behaviour, and it should be fixed in the next release. A round of applause for all of us beta testers?

Good news. Thanks for the update Powderkeg.