RW 8.1.5 - Deletion issues [resolved with 8.1.6]

To see the bug, and if you can not read the video at this address, you can also download it: it is only a few ko! … Sorry! …

[edit - Tuesday, February 26, 2019]
Version 8.1.6 has removed this bug on my file: see below.

@studiozellige Your video is not working. Not sure why, but it simply doesn’t work. Perhaps you uploaded a incorrect format. Perhaps it still needs to be processed by the web host. Or something else.

The video works OK for me - but I’m afraid I don’t know why this is happening.

Yes, I’m sorry, I’m trying to find another solution (this web service is apparently a big shit). I apologize for this clumsiness.
My video showed that deleting a selected link actually deleted … another link! …
I just changed the url of the video, now perfectly readable.

The video is cutting off lots of important bits – but i can see plenty. The controller is not deleting the selected item, but something else – like the first item.

Is there any special circumstance to get things to to this state? Or does this happen every time? If it happens every time, it seems like enough info for a bug report to: @dan @tpbradley

Thank you for your attention Isaiah.

I had to repeat at least 10 times the sequence of manipulations to script it at best (sorry if the final rendering is a little chopped): so, yes, this bug is perfectly reproducible (each time, I closed the file without saving it).

Regarding your second question, no, there are no special circumstances. In fact, I always take the same file, I duplicate it and open it with the new version of RW to test: with the 8.1.5, RW has found the files, but there is now this bug. … that I have never seen elsewhere! …

Video works, and yeah this looks bad. Please let support know about this. Thanks for a great post!

Thanks for reporting this! I know what’s going on here and will get a fix into the next release.


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Hello and thank you for your attention. I could do the same manipulation on my test file as soon as you have delivered an update. For now, I stay with the RW 8.0.3 version which works very well.
Thanks again…

Boom, the update is available :wink:

Thank you for your responsiveness: the latest version 8.1.6 RW no longer has the bug that I identified four days ago. Thank you so much.
He just managed to manage the files of Web Icons that were not found automatically: I had to treat them by hand, one by one.
Question: I realize that the only folder that contains ALL the files of this website is called: “VISUAL Imports”, with the character “Space” between the two words. Could there be a problem when we name this folder with the character “Space”? …

NB: I have not yet applied the last update of Stacks 3.6.6 (I am in 3.6.5): is it urgent to apply the update?

NB2: I keep doing tests. On another website, my resources folder (“imports”) has folders and subfolders, a hierarchy that corresponds to the web site’s hierarchy. If I run the “Scan” resources on the “imports” folder, nothing happens! … It’s confusing! …

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