RW 8.1.5 problem installing

Repeated attempts to install RW 8.1.5 fail this morning. It goes through all the steps, but never relaunches. I have to eventually open RW 8.1.4.

What am I missing?

I’m assuming you are using the automatic update feature?

You can try updating from the release notes:

I’ve updated ok, but attempts to open a project (built in RW8.1) results in:

"**Fatal error** : require_once(): Failed opening required 'filesrw_common/plugins/stacks/total-cms/totalcms.php' (include_path='.:') in **/private/var/folders/yg/9r43f06s1yl0f80jy0r6sj440000gn/T/com.realmacsoftware.rapidweaver8/RapidWeaver/20484/document-0x7f9233026450/RWDocumentPagePreview/index.php** on line **4**"

I presume I’ll need to wait for TCMS updates.

Don’t know for sure what might be going on. I don’t have TCMS, but this release so far os working ok for me.
@tpbradley @dan @joeworkman?

RW 8.1.5 + Total CMS 1.4.25 are working great for me on Mojave.

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there is clearly a bug in that php line. filesrw_common is a red flag.

and this reads very suspiciously like the other thread i posted on to @rob about the changes to resource paths.

my questions:

  • could this have something to do with the project page hierarchy? have you tested Total CMS from a stacks page:

  • on the homepage?

  • on a different top level page?

  • on a subpage below the top level?

  • on a page shared with the homepage?

  • on the homepage when it is shared with another page?

All of these have implications on the file paths and could potentially create a bug like that.

And all would be impacted by the changes make to the RapidWeaver resource folder path in Preview mode.

Is there any way we can get hold of the details of this project so we can see what is triggering this?

cc: @joeworkman


  1. can you tell me what version of RapidWeaver, Stacks, and macOS you are using. The more specific you are, the more info I’ll have to fix the problem. :slight_smile:

  2. it would be useful to know the folder structure of your project. a screenshot of the left sidebar would help. one like this:

  3. it would be useful to know the specifics about the folder naming. in the right sidebar (with the leftmost tab selected) like this:

The problem seems to be coming from the paths to the php files. Since @joeworkman doesn’t see this normally it could be because you have your project paths set up in a way that’s slightly different.

We could test/eliminate that theory with those two screenshots from you.

Thanks so much for helping!

Please make sure that you have updated Total CMS. Restart RapidWeaver after updating as well.

Isaiah, Joe, anything I can do to help. If needed, I can ftp the project file.

This has only happened in RW 8.1.5. In 8.1.4, it was fine.


If you could verify some of your versions or take those screenshots I mentioned right up there :point_up_2:it would be super helpful. :smiley: thanks

MacOs 10.4.4 (18E194d), RW Version 8.1.5 (20654), Stacks 3.6.5 (4206). I don’t seem to have any updates to plugins or stacks.

Let me know what else.

More screenshots:

Well, I have no idea why, but after many, many attempts today, RW finally decided to actually open the RW 8.1.5 update and seems to be happily working away now.

Hmm. Same for me. My problem site is now working… afaict

I keep my computer up to date, but only upgrade programs after most the complaints are worked out.


@daviddelmonte - your problem above seemed to be of a Stacks page, but the screenshot that you sent is probably not the same page since it’s not a Stacks page.

yes, i was asking for a screenshot of the actual problem. :laughing:

but perhaps it’s all OK. it seems that the problem cured itself. perhaps just a restart was required after some past update. i’ll consider this one closed for now. let me know if you need anything further.


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