RW 8.1.6 links written as target self, not target _self

Hello all,

I have the latest Rapidweaver, Themeflood Media theme and plugins. I just noticed that the links that I build with the add link panel are opening in a new tab. Upon inspection of the published code I can see that the links are being written by rapidweaver as " target = self" not target =_self". is this a bug? is there a way to fix this?

here is a link to page with the problem


This is definitely something that you’d want @dan or @tpbradley look at…

Thanks for the response.

One more thing that is probably not relevant: I just looked at archived code from a RW6 version of the site. in that era the add link panel generated the code as rel=“self”

perhaps this is relevant. The links were created with RW6, I have found that if I toggle the open in new window tag on/ then off the link is written without any target or rel and opens in the current window as expected.

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