RW 8.1.6 Preview not working

I recently updated to RapidWeaver 8.1.6 and noticed that Preview is completely broken now for certain projects. The projects that won’t load preview have Depth and Go CMS installed. I’m not 100% sure that those are the causes, but those are the only two common denominators to this issue. Other projects without those stacks implemented load Preview just fine. Attached is a screenshot of what Preview looks like with a site that has Go CMS and Depth implemented.

Any idea what could be breaking Preview when Go CMS and/or Depth is installed and how to fix it?

Without any other data I’m afraid I’m at a loss. I’ve not see a project that behaves this way.

If you’d like you can send one of these projects over to YourHead support or share it here on the forum and I can see if I can learn more with the project file in hand.

If you’d like to try to solve this one yourself, I’d say you should probably make a copy of the project file for experimentation, then start deleting bits of the project until it is so simple that only the problem remains – or that the problem goes away. In either case you’ll learn what is causing this.

Wild guesses:

  • something didn’t make the transition to the new addons folder
  • there is an out-of-date plugin (like SiteMap or PlusKit) that is responsible


I think I can try to figure it out myself, but I’m using RW 8.1.6, Stacks 3.6.6, Depth theme, Depth Base stack (v1.0.5), Depth Section stack, Go CMS 2.0.1 Base stack and Content stacks, TopBox 4.5.4 stack.

Other test pages in the same project with minimal content Preview fine. It’s just the main home page that’s not Previewing. I’ll make a copy and will try to narrow down the problem. You can see the test site at

Someone posted something similar earlier this week, the answer was something about php processing/execution and an tick box option within the project’s settings. … I think

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is there a chance that @yabdab knows about this one? maybe something needs to be switched to help Go CMS?

Start a support ticket

Looks like a PHP error is breaking the page, but there is no way of telling for sure.

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