RW8.1- Thank you

I installed RW 8.1 as soon as I received notice of its release. Since upgrading to RW8.0, RW insisted upon republishing all files with each update, no matter how small. Since I update my RW blog daily and a full update takes abut twenty minutes when I’m fortunate enough to connect to a 5G network, and I always find at least one editable error when reviewing the updated site, I’ve been spending more than a half hour daily just waiting for the update(s) to finish. Find a missing period and I’ve been sentenced to another minimum twenty minute wait.

The initial RW8.1 update couldn’t find a graphic file, so I just copied in a fresh version of the latest graphic and felt disappointed when RW started publishing all files (again). Once that update completed, I dummied up an edit to the latest post and was delighted to see that only that file and related summaries were update, a total of eight rather than 1337 files, total update time about a minute.

Thanks for finally fixing this. Next time you release a new full version, please do not neglect to include this feature. For me, it’s the most valuable feature RW contains.

PureSchmaltz, Golden, CO

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