RW 8.4.1 almost unusable

The theme and stacks that I use require me to add files to folders in my resources area of RW. In RW 7 this was easy and very quick. Now about 8 out of 10 times when I add files, even as small as 4kb, the entire app freezes and I have to force quit it. Even when it does work it typically takes up to 5 minutes for the pinwheel of death to go away. I have contacted Realmac about this a couple of times with no response. Does anyone have any ideas?

I am running a iMac with a 4GHz i7 chip with 8GB memory. Running MacOS 10.15.1.

Casey, since you’re running Catalina, you may want to double-check that all your add-ons, stacks and the like are updated and ready for the new OS, which imposes greater security requirements.

Threads like this might help. Good luck!

I’ve got to a point where Rapidweaver has now become unusable for me too. Constant freezing when saving and some other bizarre behaviour, but it’s the freezing when saving that’s actually preventing me from using the entire app.

I’m running Rapidweaver v.8.4.1, latest version of Mac OS Catalina 10.15.2 and all my stacks (vast majority Joe Workman Foundation stacks) are up to date.

I’ve cleared caches, prefs, but to no avail. I’d really appreciate it if anyone can offer any solutions. This feels like some kind of bug that needs addressing in an update, but at the moment it’s stopped me working.


Maybe uninstall RW completely and install again? I’m using the latest RW, Catalina, Stacks 4 and Foundation 1 and 6 and I’m not experiencing any problems.

Does this only happen with RW? My backup 2010 iMac recently suffered a HDD failure but leading up to this everything slowed down and I got the beachball running for longer and longer before the HDD finally gave up altogether.

Also, how full is your HDD? Do you have enough free storage to run app effectively?

This sounds more like a memory or HD issue than a RW issue.

Have you run Disk Utility?

Also, your dynamic link editor may be corrupt. if that’s the case then you’ll need to clear the dynamic link editor cache using Terminal.

When was the last time you ran a full backup?

Thanks for the advice Gary. My iMac generally runs superbly these days, just Rapidweaver the problem at the moment. Plenty of space on the drive too, a little over 100GB.

Attempted uninstalling and reinstalling everything and then realised I only have Foundation theme 1.3.3! Can’t find the latest version 1.8.12 anywhere online. Joe’s Weaverspace page for downloading theme file just returns 404 error.

Also realised I’m still using Stacks 3.6.9. Tempted to see if upgrading to Stacks 4 makes a difference, but wanted to get hold of ‘Foundation.rwtheme’ first to be certain re-installing wasn’t going to solve problem.



Thought I’d try clearing the dynamic link editor cache as you suggested AngelArs, but didn’t make any difference for me. Cheers for the suggestion.

Because Joe has released Foundation 6, he might not have the previous foundation stuff available. If you put in a support ticket, I’m sure he could get you the 1.8.12.

Another option might be to use the Order Lookup link here: I think the order history option may have the download link there as well.

The temporary redirects that I have setup for the F6 launch are overriding the F1 theme downloads. You can get it here…

thanks Joe. Appreciate that. Unfortunately it seems my freezing on save problem just doesn’t want to go away at the moment though.

Finally! Through a very slow process of elimination, the problem seems to be related to the fact that I work from a NAS server. Tried working from my Mac’s desktop and suddenly RW works and particularly saves like a dream! Haven’t a clue why RW has a problem saving to my server, and not ideal scenario for me to work on desktop, but at least i can manually backup files to server and more to the point keep working on my site. Anyone know why RW might have a problem saving to a NAS?

Hi Casey,

Hopefully you already got a solution to your problem, but if not and you’re working from a server like i do, perhaps try working from your desktop instead. Normally speedy saving resumed immediately for me soon as i did this.

Would be helpful to know which NAS you’re using…

Has it been updated recently?

I’m using a Western Digital PR2100, which I upgraded the firmware on a couple of weeks ago.

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