RW 8.6.1 crashing when save or publish

I use RW Version 8.6.1 (20831) on MacOSX 10.13.6 (17G11023)

I case I try to save my project the RW crashed time from time. The same I try to publish my project to server. Few days ago it was OK.

Publishing does a save as part of the process. Without more information about the crash it’s hard to say what might be happening.

Publish crashes after finishing uploading. Save, Save As and Export crashes immediately.

Crash Report is here:

The name of file is

I recognized the problem - Save is OK, when RW is in Edit mode. When it is in Preview mode it will crash I try to Save.

I will check to make sure I’m in Edit mode, as it happens to me on occasion. I figured that there has to be a pattern somewhere.

I was having the same problem with RW 8.6.2. When I switched to Preview and then published, it worked. Must be a bug with the Preview window?

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