Crash on Save, publish, or export

8.6.2 on mac 10.15.6. site crashing on save or publish or export (after export succeeds which is weird).

Tried copying and renaming file and still crashes

Tried save as, didn’t work

Opened different projects and saved with no problems

Tried updating some stacks, still no luck

Tried deleting random pages, including the one that I was working on when this first happened. Didn’t work

This is a big site, help!!

Sounds like the project file might be corrupted. Publishing does a save of the project file. Since you can’t save or save as it would suggest to me that the file has become contaminated.

RW project files are actually a special kind of folder called a package. They contain many files to make the project function.

Hopefully you have a current backup.

Doug, I had read that post. My question is how does that just happen randomly. This hasn’t been the first time this has happened to me with RW. It makes me afraid to use the software because you never know when you are going to have an unrecoverable failure.

Hi @robj911 to your question of how does this just happen randomly IMHO there are too many variables to answer that. Outside of Rapidweaver I’ve had individual fonts that were corrupted wreak havoc on certain files. Additionally preference files and various other OS files can, in my experience, cause all sorts of issues. If you’ve experienced this more often it may point to other issues. While a corrupt file can certainly happen…I’ve personally never suffered from one in Rapidweaver since I started using it in version 5 (perhaps I’ve had one…but was able to recover from it). I understand your skepticism based on your experiences, however, I don’t think this is the norm for the majority on this forum. I wonder if an uninstall and trashing of all rapidweaver pref files then a re-install off of a fresh download would help resolve the situation? Just a thought. Best of luck.

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