RW 8.9 + FormSnap = Update PopUp

Since upgrading to RW 8.9 all of my Formsnap pages now get this popup, but there is not update available via the RW updater. Anyone know a solution for this?

Likely that this is related to this thread:

Oh that might be related to the new version of PHP we’re using, @yabdab should be able to look into that for you…

@yabdab FYI: Big Sur shipped with PHP 7.3.24. However Apple removed it in Monterey and broke previewing in RW. So in RapidWeaver 8.9 we now ship with PHP 7.4.21 (the last build on the 7.x branch).


This is what we get when trying to message Yabdab. Do you have a reliable way to reach them about this most urgent of matters?

I’m unsure about @yabdab, probably best to email him and in the meantime…

You can roll back to RapidWeaver 8.8.3 (Direct Download) from the release notes page and you should be back up and running.

Thank you

Looks like the Realmac build of PHP included in 8.9 is not configured the same as the default Apple version.

The function file_get_contents() is being disabled , therefore the stack is unable to check for any updates. This is why the modal is shown in Preview.

The “Update Available” warning modal is only shown in preview. It is safe to publish the page in 8.9 until Realmac fixes the PHP config.

I hope this helps :wink:


Thank you!

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