RW 8 and PHP 7 - blog problem

After transitioning my webhosting to PHP7, new blogposts have stopped appearing on the web. Export from my RW8 goes, everything looks fine, but the new blogpost will not show up on the web. Any tips or ideas? Note that I am in this complete layman and I do not even know what PHP is.

Thank you very much and sorry for terrible English.

MacOS 10.13.6
RW 8.0.3
Theme: Strata (Nick Cates Design)

I see a bunch of posts on the link above, are all missing or just some? I don’t speak the language there in but looks okay from my iPad.

In addition, your blognuses plain html, so I doubt this has something to do with a PHP7 update.

Only NEW articles will not appear on the site (After transitioning my webhosting to PHP7). Everything that’s there now (old articles) is OK.

I don’t use the built-in blog but a few things to check… It seems like (based on the browser inspector) that you’re using Strata version 1.0.7 The newest version is 1.3.5 It’s probably worth upgrading your theme in case there are compatibility issues.

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If this were an issue because of a PHP update, then most likely the page would be blank. When PHP encounters an error, it stop parsing the page/html immediately.

I do see some errors in the console that you may want to ask @nickcates about

Good call… that could fix you right up!

Yep, update for sure. Go to and click on Find Order. Enter your Strata purchase email address, and click Find Order again, you should be able to download Strata from there :slight_smile:


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