Rapidweaver 8 uploading all blog files rather than just a new blog posts

I thought this had gone away months ago before RW7.5, but it’s back in RW8.

Overall, the upgrade to RW8 has been painless and trouble free, but for this ‘feature’.

I noticed this as well. Prior it didn’t appear to be doing this.
Additionally within RW8 previous blog images are disappearing with no reason. First one post and now another is missing. The image placement is there but it neither shows in RW, nor in preview and is now missing on uploading; deleted from the previous post!
I’m a bit confused as to why my new blog post images appear in the Resources folder.

Interesting, hadn’t noticed that behaviour. Just checked my old blog post images, they’re still visible in the blog editor and online; but new images now also appear in the Resources folder, which is an improvement really.

So sorry about these issues :confused:

However I do have some good news — We’re working on fixing both of these bugs now, and plan to ship up an update to RapidWeaver later this week!

Wow, fast response :smile: :+1:
Many thanks.

Upgraded to RW 8.0.2 and it’s still uploading all blog files for even the smallest change. The Blog Dynamic PHP Sidebar is active. What else should I do?

Using a 2013 iMac with High Sierra 10.13.6

@adger, So sorry about this.

We’re still looking into the issue and hope to have it fixed in the next release!

OK, thanks @dan :crossed_fingers:

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