RW 8 crashes on closing projects

Hi there. My RW 8 crashes almost every time I close a project. Usually nothing is lost, so saving before crash seems to work. Sometimes it automatically re-opens the project I was working on when I relaunch the app. It definitely comes up with the “error on last exit” window. I have repaired permissions and deleted the preferences, to no avail. Any ideas? Oh, I am on High Sierra 10.13.6, running on an iMac Retina 5K with 32 GB RAM.

does it always happen on the same project?

No it is not related to a specific project.

I sometimes get shut-downs when I close a project. I put it down to having 5 or 6 other projects open at the same time. I just re-open RW and all the projects I had open - reopens with no damage done. I’m designing in the RW 8.1 Betas so I save regularly. Highly recommended when using Betas.

I’m also using the 8.1 beta, haven’t really had that issue.

I don’t use the beta, I am on the latest stable
release. And I expect the stable release to open and close projects without crash.

Don’t remember having that issue before with the production version.

I have the exact same experience. I use RW8 on 2 different computers. This seems to happen more on my iMac than on my MacBook Pro. I’m using Mojave.

Like Markus I haven’t lost any information. But it is annoying. If I save just before quitting then I’m fine. But even if I saved 1-2 minutes previously and quite it’s a problem.

BTW, I typically close by clicking on the little red button at far left. Sometimes by command-W.

I only have 1 project open at a time.

I had the same issue in RW8.03 running on Mojave on three different Macs, but it doesn’t on RW8.1B8 (Realmac have gone a bit quiet on that front without any more betas for a couple of weeks). Instead I have a different problem in that if I edit a page with PlusKit in 8.1B8, it stops working. If I then open the project in 8.03 and save it all returns to a working state. As a result, I am constantly switching from 8.03 to 8.1B8 and back again.

I am looking forward to 8.1B9…

Maybe somebody from RealMac can reply? @dan?

Does this issue happen with the latest beta of RW 8.1?


I think the problem is not present on the beta. But there was something worse about using the beta so I reverted back to the last stable version. I’ll check again when at my office today regarding beta and the closing issue.

It’s been awhile since the latest beta was released so I no longer remember what the “bigger” problem was.

Try today’s beta available here: RapidWeaver 8.1 Public Beta 9 (Build 20446b)

It seems the new beta may solve the problem. BUT a much bigger problem occurs with the beta: I can no longer publish with command-shift-K. I get an error/crash message. I can republish all files, but not publish a few. So that’s a major headache instead of an annoyance. Back to 8.0.3

Yes, 8.0.3 publishes just fine with command-shift-K, so there’s some problem introduced with the 8.1 beta.

Same here. But the “funny” thing is: it is just a crash MESSAGE. Not a crash. Closing the message window lets me continue to work without any problems. Project stays open and editable. Just that publishing via shortcut doesn’t work.

@therealmf The same happens to me regarding the message. Can you publish via menu selection? Because if I can only edit, but not publish, then the beta isn’t very helpful to me.

No, I can only publish either via the “publish” button in the upper right corner or via the context menu when I publish single pages. But both of these work without problems, so the bug in the keyboard shortcut is not a bummer for me.

Okay, I just tested. The publish button on far right works just fine.

But if I use File > Publish Site menu option then I get a crash.

When I right-click on the relevant page then it does publish fine.

I’m so used to command-shift-K that I do it without thinking. I’m still going to go back to 8.0.3, but this sounds like a very quick fix to this particular bug.

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