RW v8.2.1 save/publish crash

I have a an existing project that I recently opened to revise. Now, if I attempt to publish or save the project (after making changes or not), then RW crashes. I’m totally stuck and can’t do anything. I can open and save other projects successfully. Any ideas? Help!

RW v8.2.1
macOS 10.14.5

I would suspect it’sobvious that a revision you made to that project may be causing the problem since other projects are OK.
Try removing the latest revisions one by one and see if that fixes the problem, that should not be too difficult?
I keep copies of my last edited work for just that reason. I haven’t had a problem, but reports like yours make me more cautious.

Thanks very much for the reply! I did try editing out the changes to see if that would help. It didn’t.

You had a good idea to go back to the previously saved version of the project. I tried that, but that old version makes it crash too. At this point, I guess I’ll have to rebuild the whole thing from scratch.

It sounds as if the project file got corrupted.
If you have TimeMachine running you can go back and restore the project to prior to the crashing.

Try deleting a page at a time. On a copy of your project. A quick troubleshoot! You may get lucky :wink:
And add backups using TimeMachine as stated.
Good luck.
And if you are using many memory or disc Utilities running in the background of your OS, consider reigning them in while using RW. They have occasionally caused the corruptions, I think.

Maybe you need to reinstall RW? You statement that other projects are working makes that seem unlikely, are you running more than one RW version?

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