RW8 keeps shutting down on publish

Hi All

Can someone please help.

RW8 was working perfectly well for me and I have been able to publish my site without problems until now.

I have the latest update and running on brand new MacBook OS 10.15.5

The problem is that when I hit publish the process starts “Exploring Websites” for about 2 seconds if that and RW8 shuts down. The connection was tested all ok.

I have restarted RW8 and the computer and reloaded a another copy of RW8. There is a report been sent to Apple automatically but I cannot save, print or copy it and it doesn’t look like I can even attach a screenshot anywhere here

I would appreciate it if someone can assist me on this.


Perhaps @Aaron can help?

Further to my last this looks like a RW specific project problem as I created a new project and successfully published it to a dummy folder on my host cPanel file manager without the same behaviour.

Unfortunately I can’t show you the Apple error report associated with the problem.

Something is preventing the project to upload almost immediately - the only other clue I can offer is that in the error report there is a line that is as follows:


Hope that is useful.


Can anyone tell me how I escalate this to Realmac support rather than a forum as this seems to be a serious problem/bug that needs to be resolved.


Sure, use

sometimes when an app crashes, you’re given an option to view a crash report. it looks like gibberish, but developers are able to use this info to help identify the source of the problem.

sometimes this can help find an immediate solution, but even if it’s not as easy as that, it can often identify which add-on caused the problem – and that can help save you a few forwarded emails between developers.

if you get a chance to view that crash report, post the first couple pages of the report here and, with a little luck, we might be able to help point to the right developer (and quite often, it’s me – hi :wave:, i make a lot of add-ons for RW).


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