RW 8 Crashes on export over a photo page

I have an old project which I try to upgrade to some Elixir Themes, responsive and all. On project has a “photo” page, old plain vanilla RW Photopage, and when I only click on it the app crashes. Now… I cannot delete the page because I do not have access to the photos on it anymore… What can I do?

Have you tried “control” click the page (when you’re on a different page) and deleting the page? That way you do not have to actually select the page to delete it.

I found the error opening the packet and checking the image files. One of them woul not open in the finder and deleting it resolved the problem… but thanks for your help. If I had wanted to delete the page this would have been helpful. Txs

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Glad you figured it out… sorry for misunderstanding your post.

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