RW 8 Not Recognizing Stacks 4 upgrade - SOLVED!


I now have Stacks 4 installed and RW8 is back in service. Here is visual proof:

This miracle came about because I came across this RW forum thread:

and I followed Isaiah’s instructions, which were as follows:

my recommendation:

  1. open the RapidWeaver addons folder ( View menu > Reveal Addons Folder ),
  2. remove all copies of the Stacks.rapidweaverplugin,
  3. Quit RapidWeaver,
  4. download a fresh copy of Stacks from
  5. unzip and double click to install

I cannot thank everyone who has pitched in to help me resolve this issue sufficiently. I wish I could buy everyone a pizza, but BYOB. Sorry! :smile:

However, there needs to be some discussion as to WHY this happens, since I was not the first to have this issue.

Now, I can begin learning how to use Foundry. Life is now indeed good.

I sincerely appreciate everyone’s help,

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