RW 8 not working with Catalina beta

Installed Stacks 4 and RW8 will no longer open.
Message says “rapidweaver stacks was blocked from opening because it is not from an identified developer.”
Is there a way to stop this error message and RW open and work properly?
Thanks, Steu

You see this in Catalina (and maybe some versions of Mojave — to be honest I’m not 100% sure). But it means that the OS wasn’t able to find the notarization for that app/plugin/whatever.

Plugins themselves can’t contain a notarization receipt — I’m not 100% certain why — but this means plugins have to rely on your OS contacting Apple’s servers and looking up the notarization there. This means that the first time you use Stacks after downloading it (only the first time — but after every download/upgrade) your computer needs to be able to contact Apple’s servers directly.

If you have no internet connection, a very restrictive firewall, or a utility that blocks connections then you’ll see this message.

I suppose there’s probably the remote possibility that Apple’s servers could be down — however they have pretty amazing uptime nowadays.

In any case, I’d recommend making sure you have a solid connection to the ‘net, disabling any overzealous things that might block that connection, and giving it another go.

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Can’t you go to “Security & Privacy” prefs, “Accessibility,” and “allow” (scroll thru the apps and perhaps you’ll see the stack or RW name? (Be sure to “unlock” to make changes.)

I have to do this frequently with “unidentified developers.” Many times there is a check box sitting there for the specific app to be checked.

Or perhaps this is something different??

Yes, of course. And, depending on settings, users might be asked if they’d like to make an exception. That’s all fine – but who wants to do that? Especially if the developer has gone through the trouble to properly notarize things.

Just very sad that even bending over backward and jumping through all of Apple’s newly created security hoops – it’s not enough.

But I’ll be submitting lots of bug reports about it this week. Hopefully one will hit home.

I can see where that would be frustrating for a developer. I made the suggestion only to perhaps help the user to be able to use his newly acquired Stacks 4. It’s Awesome (capital “A” Awesome) stuff Isaiah!

As for Apple… yes… I have my own gripes with them. First the first time since I’ve owned an Apple/Mac (my first one was about 1985… The awful Apple ///) l “rolled back” to an older release. I ran Mojave for awhile but I soon rolled back to High Sierra. Much more stable and Finder is a LOT faster in this instance (Late 2013 27" iMac).

Thanks Isaiah for all you do!

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